Many victims only one murder? From the Abbey to the river

Since the late 1990’s there have been an unbelievable amount of young men who have gone missing in the American midwest area. Well over one hundred to date, many are found drowned, some have not been found at all.

Many are the cases, yet only one has ever been ruled a homicide.

Initially one of these cases also was dismissed as an accidental drowning, and even when the body was first found the verdict was reached without proof, that this was another case of a drunken tragic accident.

The case I am talking about is that of Christopher Jenkins, who went missing on Halloween night, the 31st of october 2002.

His case in fact offered the most startling proof that the smiley face killers as they had been named by that time, existed. His case showed that there indeed was more to this than the conspiracy theory that the mainstream media and the police had labelled the growing number of similar cases, with talk of them being connected ridiculed. The case offered proof that the growing number of missing young men, many of whom were being found drowned in rivers, was a serious and very organised crime .

What happened in the Chris Jenkins case shows to my mind at least, the most clear evidence of a cover up, with a concentrated and consistent effort to completely distort the evidence trail that was gathered and followed by the Jenkins family, and the private investigator they had hired to help in their determined effort to find a real answer to what had happened to their son.

That evidence of a cover up is highlighted by the case evidence compiled by the Jenkins’ family investigator’s team, that showed Chris Jenkins was provably traced out of the city of Minneapolis, onto the Interstate-94, then traced to the grounds of and into the interior of St johns Abbey Collegeville Minnesota, from where the trace went dead.

It was only later that the police managed to find that Chris Jenkins’ body, last known trace St johns Abbey,  had  somehow ended up being thrown into the Mississippi river in the city of Minnesota, from a bridge .

This scenario of Chris Jenkins being thrown from a bridge into the river, that was in a dramatic u-turn, put forward by the police, and is based upon mysterious top-secret uncorroborated criminal witness testimony, is not believed by the investigator hired by the Jenkins’ family. The evidence of the trace to the interior of st johns abbey however, was produced by this investigator and his team. His name is Chuck Loesch.

Before Chris’s body was found the media was reporting the findings of the private investigator who had been hired to find Chris Jenkins, by his parents. The media reported that Chris had been traced to St John’s Abbey Collegeville Minnesota along with another missing young man called Joshua Guimond , who to this day is still missing.

The Abbey was under intense scrutiny and suspicion by both the media and the public at large by this stage, in view of the media reporting the story, yet strangely st johns was not under any pressure or investigation by the police. The news media quickly followed suit and averted its attention to the fact that the police had found the body of Chris Jenkins in the river back in the city.

Suddenly all attention on the Abby evaporated, and the media started publishing reports of how the trace evidence by search dogs was not to be trusted.

One of the missing men amongst those listed as a smiley face victim was indeed murdered , yet now anyone who considered st johns an area to look at for serious consideration as being involved in this  crime was considered mistaken and a conspiracy theorist.

Yet the media still liked the smiley face story, and so continued to report on the story, with st johns neatly a no-go area, a no-go area for further reporting of the Jenkins case and any further cases.

What they failed to do was erase the fact that the other young man, Joshua Guimond, was known to have gone missing from the Abbey grounds, as he was a student resident at the adjoining university of St Johns. The same trace was made for Joshua to the Abbey, both he and Chris were traced to the interior of the Abbey. Joshua has not been seen since that autumn night, the midnight of the 8th into 9th of november 2002.

Then when the media campaign discrediting the information showing the trace of both young men into the abbey of st johns was underway, it seemed to be becoming ridiculous and overtly obvious  that the cover up which involved the media being used as platform to slander the integrity of people involved in the searches, was all about protecting st johns abbey and university. This pattern was to persist even to this day regarding st johns abbey and university.

After Chris Jenkins had been recovered from the river, there was a sudden reversal by the police investigating Jenkins’ death , they overturned the ruling of an accidental drowning death-bringing forth a media frenzy of headline homicide !

Suspects known , suspects uncharged most amazingly of all , and absolutely nothing  further, for all intense and purpose a case closed.

And the rest was history, the Abbey was forgotten and so was Joshua Guimond.

And the smiley face killers free to carry on with their work unchallenged.

You will not find this information on this case posted on any of the other blogs and websites covering the smily face murders, that is  proof enough the cover up has been succesful.

What kind of power does st johns abbey and university possess that it can evade a full thorough investigation, in light of its clear association with these two horrific crimes?

Chuck Loesch has been quoted as saying, he has a real problem with what is going on in regards to the police investigation into Chris Jenkins’ death. He has said, the whole thing stinks, and that he is only interested in one thing ………the truth.

Joshua Guimond went missing 9 days after Chris Jenkins was last seen. They were both traced to the interior of the  Abbey of st johns collegeville Minnesota.

I am not interested in parroting media cover ups, like the press parrot government issued statements.

Where is Joshua Guimond?

find joshua

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