What significance does November the 9th hold for the abductors of Joshua Guimond…? What significance does November the 9th hold for the Benedictine order of st johns abbey…?

What significance does November the 9th hold for the abductors of Joshua Guimond?

Joshua Guimond went missing from the grounds of  the Benedictine st Johns abbey and university Collegeville Minnesota, on the night of November the 9th, nine days after the Halloween night Chris Jenkins went missing. Joshua lived in a dorm in St Maurs House , st johns university collegeville Minnesota.

What significance does November the 9th hold for the Benedictine order of st johns abbey?

Saint Vitonus
Died 525
Honored in Roman Catholic Church
Canonized Pre-Congregation
Feast November 9
Patronage Verdun, France

Saint Vitonus (died 525), also called Vanne or Vaune, became a monk as a young man and was made Bishop of Verdun, c.500. Vitonus converted all the pagan residents in the area, and was known for performing miracles.[1]

Vitonus also founded a college for priests and the Benedictine abbey of Lorraine which served as the community of the Congregation of St. Vanne was later dedicated to him.[2]

The Congregation of St. Vanne, was therefore launched from the abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Prés in 1621, and gave rise to the Congregation of St. Maur, which in the event became far better known than the Vannists.





It is interesting to note also, the movements that st Vitonus foundered and from him the maurists of st maur, both followed a strict rule of obedience of the Benedictine rule in a kind of reversal of usual reformation principles, where enforcement to the rules overtook liberalisation framed by mercy and scriptural adherence; obedience.

This November the 9th the date of Joshua’s’ abduction is not insignificant in light of these verified historical connections between Joshua’s’ dorm building name st Maurs, and the date of November the 9th.

If you can imagine Joshua being seen as a rebel, maybe even a snitch, in regard to the smooth running of the Principles kept by those at st johns Benedictine abbey collegeville Minnesota.

Joshua Guimond’s Internet Search reveals he was investigating st johns

“On October 3, 2002, Joshua searched the Internet for “st. john’s abbey statute of limitations conspiracy”. Last month, Joshua’s mom told a reporter that Joshua discussed the abuse scandal and that he didn’t think it was a good idea that the monks were able to stay on campus.”


“On October 22, 2002, Joshua Guimond viewed a Star Tribune story about St. John’s”


Considering the strong possibility of the suspects in the Joshua Guimond abduction being connected somehow to st johns abbey, the night of November the 9th takes on a far deeper significance and motivational purpose as to why it was the night chosen for the abduction of Joshua Guimond.

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