Missing La crosse and missing evidence from the research field

What happened to the story of those missing,


The parents of those who by that time were being called parents of the victims of the smiley face killers gang, began exchanging notes, and realised that their sons were all missing Crosses. Other belongings such as wallets and other jewellery had been recovered, yet their sons who had been retrieved from the rivers and lakes, were all missing various religious medals such as crosses and st Christopher medals.

This startling piece of evidence first became known to me from reading what used to be the main smiley face killers website.

A full article was also posted in a newspaper about this fact that those who were thought to be victims of the smiley face killers were all  missing various religious jewellery.

While other personal belongings were being recovered with the bodies from the water, their crosses and catholic medals were missing.

The particular posting on the main smiley face killers website that had by that time become the focus and main source for the media reporting, the post on this subject of missing religious medals had ever so strangely been scrubbed.

The rest of the website intact and still updated.

Suspicion mounts

This is just another instance of backtracking and backchatting as far as revisionism of smiley face evidence that is the key to explaining and proving the existence of a smiley face murder gang.

A gang that is involved in murder and that has  a very real purposeful and organised modus operandi with a real method to its self-evident rituals.

Again, it was only after I found a credible evidence based explanation-(that by the way, directly links to my previous graffiti findings) -of why the crosses and religious medallions (that included a cross by the way) were being removed from the victims, that this story of the parents noticing that this removal of their sons’ crosses and religious medals was occurring in case after case,  again and again.

The reporting of this crucial evidence was scrubbed after i published my findings that showed yet another provable link to my research.

We are Missing la crosse link

La missing Crosse evidence has been scrubbed and then totally avoided in the smiley face murder lexicon of discussable and promotable subjects in the media. Or more importantly as documented evidence, historically compiled and archived, and so available for any would be researchers.

Here is the orginal opening text of the article that was explaining the revelation by the families of cross removals from their sons’ on the sfkillers website

Christian Chains

Many families of drowning victims are comparing notes and discovering similarities. Bill and I just realized that victims are being recovered with their clothes, wallets, college ID cards, but not their religious neck chains. So far, we know of missing crosses, Saint Christopher medals and Saint Patrick medals.

If you know of a family who believes their son’s death could be connected to the others, please pass this on. We’re curious to find out how many other young men may have been recovered without a beloved piece of jewelry – especially a religious neck chain or medallion.

Here is the empty link:

The cross removals are of vital evidential importance

Even though this fact of cross removal from the drowning victims  is obviously to any serious observer to be of vital evidential importance, this fact is being purposefully censored from the public. And again in light of my findings, the reason for this censorship, obvious.

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