Watching the Detectives

In this internet age when something as compelling a mystery as the smiley face killers murder theory comes along, not only are we all watching the detectives, we inevitably become the detectives ourselves.


Everyone who looks into the smiley face killers, initially are looking at a media invented piece of entertainment, carefully crafted to sell copy and keep advertisers happy. This sadly is a sign of the day and age infotainment, where news stories become a money-making  AD-venture.

For all the idealism and good intentions of young journalists with their hopes of truly being a voice of scrutiny against corruption within society, a voice for the voiceless, a diligent guardian of the  masses etc. The actual truth is real investigative journalism no longer exists, and anyone naive enough to think that they would become a journalist to truly make a difference for the progression of a civilised and accountable society, should think again.

For any of us who were gripped by the entertaining saga of the smiley face killers, the true horror of the reality of these murders becomes apparent. And far from this story being a fun distraction, we should become seriously aware of how this evil must be stopped.

It is us who now need to scrutinize, to cross every T, for those who are ‘the professionals’ have become the SLAVES of THE corruption.

Journalists like detectives have to know what questions to ask, and that evidence is made up of a list of facts that build a clear picture that points to the truth.

That is what I have known and what I intended to do, and have done.



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