What exactly are the smiley face murders?

Let us start at the first question, by looking at the smiley face crimes.

We are asking,

what exactly are the smiley face murders?

That in itself is in fact a wrong question, because not all those listed in the various lists on blogs and websites that are devoted to this smiley face mystery are dead, some are still missing, this fact is of uppermost importance.

Yet predominately, the smiley face victims are young men found drowned in rivers, lakes, creeks etc. A substantial number of them found to have been placed in the water with a sign of a smiley face painted nearby the place of entry into the water of these victims. To be more exact, a smiley face or some other enigmatic graffiti, or a smiley face with certain attributes or accompanying writing.

Factual Investigation

This explanation of what exactly are the smiley face murders, is based upon the findings of an investigation by two retired new york detectives, who dedicated their time and funds on behalf of certain victim families and their promise to help find who was responsible for the murders as they saw them, of the respective sons who had been found drowned.

Factual relevance

Now, whatever you think of these findings by these two retired detectives, they are based upon facts.

The Smiley faces are still very relevent

Based upon my own fact finding, unearthed by following the strongest evidence leads out of all the cases, I cannot discount their discoveries of graffiti symbols and smiley faces as coincidental, because there are far too many facts that defend their relevance.

Backtracking and backchat

The recent spoiling and rubbishing of their own evidence in regard to the significance of the findings of graffiti, follows a pattern of others involved in these cases, specifically a former news tv journalist, who also at a certain point in the history of these cases, herself distanced herself from the smiley face graffiti. And did so quite explicitly in a web post stating any further concentration on the relevance or meaning behind the graffiti was forbidden.

Timing is everything

The timing of these two parties abandoning  a major piece of evidence,  the graffiti facts being a major part of their means of trying to show proof of and  reason for their own stated convictions, that the drowning and disappearances were far more than accidents , was very suspicious and telling.

Consider this

Considering the respective press releases occurred by both parties simultaneously, and coincided with the public release of my finding an apparent direct evidence based interpretation of the graffiti symbolism.


This word facts is important, for as we go along and I reveal to you my research, you have to understand likewise that everything I have found was and is based upon facts also.

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